A detailed look at ways to decarbonise the energy sector
New IEA publication evaluates different options to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions
24 December 2014

United States must grasp opportunity to build sustainable energy system
IEA review credits US energy successes but sees need for significant investment in electricity sector
18 December 2014

Global coal demand to reach 9 billion tonnes per year by 2019
IEA report says despite decarbonisation push, China will not see 'peak coal' during outlook period
15 December 2014

IEA releases Oil Market Report for December
Weaker outlook for oil-exporting countries to trim 2015 demand growth
12 December 2014

IEA assists UN climate talks by providing summary of emissions data
CO2 Emissions from Fuel Combustion – Highlights available for download by delegates and citizens alike
9 December 2014

Ethiopian Power Minister accompanies statisticians visiting the IEA for training
Visit is part of extensive capacity-building activities at core of Agency's global engagement
9 December 2014

How the EU can progress towards an "Energy Union"
IEA review praises bloc's low-carbon leadership but notes that deeper market integration is essential to manage costs of clean-energy shift
1 December 2014