When a picture is worth a thousand words

5 May 2014

The International Energy Agency today added a new data visualisation tool, Energy Snapshot of the Week, to its website. Each week*, www.iea.org will feature a chart, graphic or other image that distils IEA data, information or knowledge in an easy-to-read form.

The IEA gathers a wealth of information on energy production and consumption worldwide, and it also analyses those data to show where the global energy system is – or may be – going.  The aim of Energy Snapshot of the Week is to share that information effectively and efficiently with an audience around the world.

The first Energy Snapshot shows how the global energy mix has evolved since 1973, the eve of the IEA’s creation. Based on official and authoritative statistics from the Agency’s Energy Data Centre, the chart illustrates, among other things, the decline of oil relative to other fuels and the growing clout of coal.

All Energy Snapshots will also be distributed via Twitter and Facebook, and they will be archived for easy reference on the IEA website.

Photo: © Shutterstock.com

*Postscript: The IEA suspended the Energy Snapshot of the Week feature towards the end of 2015, though the IEA continues to publish regular graphic representations of energy use, production and other changes on the website and especially via social media, principally its Twitter and Facebook accounts.