Empowering global youth to take action on climate change
IEA Executive Director urges rising generation to inform themselves, shrink carbon footprints and use their growing influence to reduce global emissions
28 May 2014

IEA helps develop 20 energy efficiency policy proposals for Arab-SEMED region
New publication details proven policies tailored to Southern and Eastern Mediterranean contexts
26 May 2014

IEA encourages the Netherlands to push for decarbonisation and electricity-market integration
IEA review praises Dutch energy market openness and calls for long-term framework towards 2030 to secure energy supplies
22 April 2014

What’s holding back co-generation and efficient district heating and cooling?
IEA case studies reveal opportunities but also impediments for optimised electricity and thermal systems
21 May 2014

IEA releases Oil Market Report for May
Higher first-quarter data contribute to small increase in growth demand for full year
15 May 2014

World Economic Forum participants in Nigeria applaud work for upcoming WEO special report on Africa
IEA Chief Economist meets with leading authorities and moderates session on continent's energy outlook
12 May 2014

IEA releases Oil Market Report for April
Reduction in Russian demand trims global forecast marginally
11 April 2014

IEA praises Austria for well-balanced energy policy, but sees areas for further improvement
Report calls for the timely setting of post-2020 targets and more cross-border market integration
9 April 2014

Energy Training Week draws 130-plus participants from nearly 60 countries
Executive Director opens classes to share IEA knowledge and best practice
7 April 2014

When a picture is worth a thousand words
New data visualisation feature offers a weekly snapshot of must-see IEA data and analysis
5 May 2014