How to guarantee secure, efficient electricity supply while decarbonising
New IEA publication presents solutions for a successful transition
26 November 2013

IEA, key emerging economies announce mutual interest to pursue enhanced co-operation
At IEA Ministerial Meeting, all 28 IEA members issue their own strong statement on climate
20 November 2013

IEA ministers open door for Estonia to join
Baltic state set to become Agency’s 29th member
20 November 2013

IEA releases Oil Market Report for November
Record production elsewhere more than offsets plunge in OPEC output; European refinery runs hit two-decade low
14 November 2013

Light tight oil does not diminish the importance of Middle East supply, IEA says in latest World Energy Outlook
Report sees large disparities in regional energy prices affecting industrial competitiveness
12 November 2013

IEA offers detailed country-by-country data on energy-related carbon dioxide emissions
Information illustrates evolution of greenhouse-gas emissions over several decades
7 November 2013

Key World Energy Statistics 2013 app now available
Interactive features allow for quick and easy electronic access and evaluation of the most critical energy data
5 November 2013

IEA Chief Economist to receive Japanese Emperor’s Order of Rising Sun
The Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon to be conferred on Fatih Birol
4 November 2013

World Energy Outlook 2013
Technology and high prices are opening up new oil resources, but this does not mean the world is on the verge of an era of oil abundance
12 November 2013