IEA-led report measures scale of meeting twin challenges of energy poverty and climate change
Global Tracking Framework says the world must do more if it is to ensure that all can benefit from modern, clean energy by 2030
28 May 2013

IEA says further action is needed if Germany’s Energiewende is to maintain a balance between sustainability, affordability and competitiveness
Review of German energy policies calls for cost reductions, investment in networks and closer regional co-operation
24 May 2013

IEA says push for renewables and nuclear power is coherent with Finland’s long-term decarbonisation strategy
Review of Finland energy policies calls for the timely implementation of targets and closer regional co-operation
23 May 2013

IEA Chief Economist awarded by Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister
The awards given in appreciation for the work on the Iraq Energy Outlook in 2012
20 May 2013

Supply shock from North American oil rippling through global markets
IEA’s Medium-Term Oil Market Report sees companies overhauling global investment strategies; meanwhile, surge in non-OECD refining capacity shakes up product market
14 May 2013

IEA releases May Oil Market Report
Sharp price drop for Brent reduces benchmark's spread over WTI to narrowest margin in two-plus years
14 May 2013

A lost decade for European natural gas?
Once-certain growth in demand withered away, but there are reasons to expect a resurgence
6 May 2013