IEA Chief Economist Fatih Birol receives EURELECTRIC Award

4 June 2013

IEA Chief Economist Fatih Birol was honored by the European utility group EURELECTRIC with its annual award, given to Dr. Birol "for his outstanding contribution to improving understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing the power sector".

Dr. Birol was recognised for the analysis and impact of the IEA flagship publication World Energy Outlook. The award, which was created in 2008, seeks to honour companies or persons that have made a pioneering contribution towards the development of the electricity industry, and it was presented in Bologna, Italy, during the group's annual convention.

"Under Dr. Fatih Birol's direction", EURELECTRIC Electricity Ambassador and Chair of the award panel Paul Bulteel said in presenting the award, "the IEA's World Energy Outlook has become the most authoritative source of forward-looking energy market analysis. It has drawn attention to the huge challenges that will need to be overcome to maintain electricity supply in the decades ahead. Its finding that USD 2.6 trillion needs to be invested in the EU's power sector through to 2035 has become an iconic figure for the industry. Fatih Birol has made a unique contribution to raising awareness among policy makers, the financial community and other stakeholders of the issues the power sector has to deal with."

Dr. Birol thanked EURELECTRIC for the award, commenting, "The World Energy Outlook has become a reference point in terms of energy all over the world as well as the biggest selling energy publication. Our key objective each year is to anticipate and interpret emerging energy trends." The 2013 edition of World Energy Outlook will be published on 12 November.

Dr. Birol was unable to attend the presentation, as he explained to the group. "Later this afternoon here in Paris, I will chair the IEA’s Energy Business Council, to discuss the preliminary findings of this analysis with over 30 senior executives from energy producing and consuming companies, many of whom also have colleagues there with you today. Through this exercise, we hope to improve our understanding of how the competitiveness and growth prospects of European industry are being impacted by the changes that are taking place in global energy markets and in European energy and climate policy."

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