Kenneth J. Fairfax named next IEA Deputy Executive Director
27 June 2013

Renewables to surpass gas by 2016 in the global power mix
IEA report sees renewable power increasingly cost-competitive with new fossil-fuel generation, but agency warns against complacency
26 June 2013

IEA offers a blueprint for a sustainable buildings sector by 2050
Study presents detailed scenarios and technologies for deep cuts in energy use and emissions
27 June 2013

Second Forum on Climate Change-Energy Security Nexus
Stakeholders meet in London to discuss bolstering energy sector’s resilience to climate change
26 June 2013

IEA hosts International Energy Workshop 2013
Presentations include detailed look at how World Energy Outlook models oil supply, power generation and demand for industry and transport
26 June 2013

IEA sees growth of natural gas in power generation slowing over next 5 years
But 'Golden Age' still in full swing as gas emerges as a significant transportation fuel, new report says
20 June 2013

Roadmap explores technologies that improve chemical industry energy use and reduce emissions intensity
IEA/ICCA/DECHEMA joint report concludes that emerging and breakthrough technologies promise indispensable energy efficiency improvements
17 June 2013

IEA releases June Oil Market Report
Oil demand is increased slightly; non-OPEC supply forecast is lifted slightly while OPEC output rose in April
12 June 2013

Four energy policies can keep the 2°C climate goal alive
IEA report shows how to stop growth in energy-related emissions by 2020 at no net economic cost
10 June 2013

How to ensure energy supplies underground can be tapped in the future
Amid boom in unconventional oil and gas, Resources to Reserves 2013 sees adequate supply but also challenges to viable and sustainable recovery
6 June 2013

IEA Chief Economist Fatih Birol receives EURELECTRIC Award
Utility group honors WEO as "authoritative source of forward-looking energy market analysis"
4 June 2013