First IEA regional technology study plots carbon-neutral Nordic energy
To achieve the region's ambitious 2050 goal, Nordic Energy Technology Perspectives details how countries can decarbonise their power sectors and electrify transport
22 January 2013

Oil market tightened in December, IEA monthly report says
Chinese demand increased while Saudi output eased, January Oil Market Report finds
21 January 2013

The impact of Asia on the changing global energy map
As demand shifts eastward, IEA advises countries in region on key reforms
14 January 2013

Powering down to save energy need not be a turn-off
After success of its 1-watt initiative, IEA turns to “smart” appliances’ power consumption in network standby
7 January 2013

CCS is a necessity for a world hooked on fossil fuels
IEA lists 2013 priorities to re-energise deployment of carbon capture and storage
1 January 2013