Key World Energy Statistics in the palm of your hand

1 February 2013

The latest digital version of Key World Energy Statistics from the IEA is now available free for use on an iPhone or iPad, allowing quick and easy electronic access to key energy data – country by country and from production to consumption – for every major form of energy plus  carbon dioxide emissions, all in the most recognised and accepted international measurements.

This one-of-a-kind app provides policy makers, business people, students and journalists with the critical data available in the 2012 print edition, from annual Canadian coal production to Thai per capita electricity consumption. But beyond offering that wealth of information on the go and in the palm of your hand, the app’s Favorites function is customisable to allow personalised, fast access to your most relevant and frequently consulted energy topics.

The 2013 app also lets users use multiple indicators and then rank countries by ascending and descending order for those data. Other updates include a new search feature and the ability to personalise tables by country and data.

As well as a full table of contents, the app has a new quick-access screen showing six circles representing the most popular topics. Each circle leads to a wealth of data.

The largest circle, “Energy Indicators”, presents the world by region or country, and a dashboard icon lets the user show any of 15 of the most important statistics for one or every region or country in the world. The selections range from energy imports to total and per capita electricity consumption and also include population, GDP and four measurements of CO2 emissions, including per capita and per unit of GDP.

The second-largest circle, “Top 10”, features energy categories ranging from crude oil to hydropower, and a tap of a finger offers detailed breakdowns. For instance, “Electricity from Fossil Fuels” provides data on generation from oil, natural gas or coal/peat, with output for the top 10 users of each source plus the global figure and the share used by all the other countries.

Other circles give detailed, customisable data on supply, production and consumption for all energy sources; the app also provides energy balances for the world and the OECD. For instance, supply can be viewed by fuel or region, with graphics showing the relationship: how much particular regions supply of which fuel, or the share of each fuel in the global supply or that for OECD countries. Historical data from 1973 on allow comparisons in shares.  

The app also provides detailed information on prices, as well as conversion factors and a glossary.

The IEA first produced Key World Energy Statistics as a convenient booklet in 1997, reflecting the critical role of gathering and analysing data at the IEA. The first app came out in 2011. The 2013 version, which also works on an iPod Touch, incorporated previous users’ suggestions.