IEA report sees scope for transformation of Asia-Pacific natural-gas market
Amid region’s growing reliance on imports, Developing a Natural Gas Trading Hub in Asia identifies obstacles and opportunities for establishing a gas market that reflects supply-demand fundamentals
26 February 2013

Blueprint details how Indian cement sector can sharply reduce its CO2 emissions
Approach co-developed by IEA also makes deep cuts in industry’s energy needs
25 February 2013

IEA hosts workshop to re-energise deployment of CHP and efficient DHC
21 February 2013

IEA releases February Oil Market Report
Report slightly lowers estimate of 2013 global oil demand following IMF move
20 February 2013

Megawatts vs "negawatts": when less is more
The best way to meet increases in energy demand might not be to supply more. But while efficiency improves security, hurdles abound
19 February 2013

Electricity in a Climate-Constrained World
New IEA book offers solutions for limiting emissions from power generation, plus key electricity-sector data
12 February 2013

IEA shows how Sweden can build on its impressive low-carbon successes
Review of Swedish energy policies calls for cost-effective emission cuts, energy technology innovation and consumer benefits
5 February 2013

2 IEA reports win Outstanding Low-Carbon Publication Award
Roadmap and Policy Pathway on Improving the Fuel Economy of Road Vehicles honoured at London ceremony
4 February 2013

Key World Energy Statistics in the palm of your hand
IEA releases new iPhone and iPad app with key energy data by country and by energy source
1 February 2013