IEA members share energy policy success stories

2 December 2013

One of the principal aims of the IEA is to share experience, allowing countries, members and non-members alike, to learn best energy practices. The new IEA publication Energy Policy Highlights is the latest example of this co-operation, presenting energy policy success stories from the 28 member countries that others can adopt and adapt.

Ahead of the 2013 IEA Ministerial, the IEA invited member countries to highlight some of their recent policy developments. The resulting collection of best practices includes objectives, characteristics, challenges and successes, and shared lessons for each policy, and it underscores the changing nature of both global and domestic energy challenges.

The policies in Energy Policy Highlights are divided into six categories: general energy policy, energy efficiency, electricity, oil and gas, renewables, and research and development. Every member country contributed, yielding a broad scope of energy policies – ranging from Greece’s protections for low-income consumers to Korea’s new large smart-grid test bed – with a substantial number focused on electricity and energy efficiency. The need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is an objective of many of the highlighted policies, including increasing the share of renewables in the energy mix. Economic pressures are evident, too, in the countries’ push for cost-effective, efficient and sustainable approaches and efforts to mitigate the effects of rising energy prices on consumers. A number of the contributions underline an increased need for transparency and engagement, noting the critical role of informing and involving the public.


Photo: © GraphicObsession