IEA Executive Director launches WEO special focus on Brazil

13 December 2013

Executive Director Maria van der Hoeven during her visit to the Itaipu Binational Hydropower Dam.

Brazil,  a leader in low-carbon development, is taking on a major new role as a top producer and exporter of oil. These twin aspects of Brazil’s energy outlook – and the challenges that Brazil faces to realize its energy ambitions – were the focus as IEA Executive Director Maria van der Hoeven introduced the special country analysis of Brazil that is part of the World Energy Outlook 2013. The presentation on 12 December in Brasilia was hosted by the Ministry of Mines and Energy and introduced by Deputy Minister Marcio Zimmermann in front of an audience of around 150 senior Brazilian energy officials, experts, industry representatives, diplomats and journalists.

The presentation of the WEO special report caps a year in which the IEA and Brazil have co-operated closely on a range of energy policy issues. It followed from Deputy Minister Zimmermann’s participation in the IEA Ministerial meeting last month, during which the IEA and Brazil signed a renewed bilateral work programme, for 2014-15. Brazil has also joined the multilateral declaration of intent regarding the IEA association initiative, issued at the Ministerial, to build on strong bilateral ties towards multilateral co-operation with key IEA partner countries.

While in Brazil, the Executive Director visited the Itaipu Binational Hydropower Dam in Foz do Iguaçu, which is situated on the border with Paraguay and jointly operated by the two countries. The 14-gigawatt facility, the world’s second-largest hydropower plant, it is on course for record output this year.

Photo at Itaipu Binational Hydropower Dam by Caio Coronel, all rights reserved.