Global coal demand growth slows slightly, IEA says in latest 5-year outlook
Strong Chinese policies to reduce coal dependency seen curbing growth, but Asian demand remains buoyant
16 December 2013

Pushing the envelope: improvements to buildings’ outer layer can slash energy use
New IEA publication details how to capitalise on new technologies
18 December 2013

IEA Executive Director launches WEO special focus on Brazil
Country is at leading edge in low-carbon and oil development
13 December 2013

IEA Chief Economist receives the Order of the Polar Star
13 December 2013

IEA releases Oil Market Report for December
Non-OPEC supply tops 43 mb/d for first time in decades; global demand to reach 92.4 mb/d in 2014
11 December 2013

The many prices of coal decoded
A special early excerpt from the forthcoming Medium-Term Coal Market Report 2013
10 December 2013

A different kind of gas fills more tanks
Increasing numbers of vehicles run not on gasoline but natural gas
2 December 2013

IEA members share energy policy success stories
New book showcases best practices, with emphasis on electricity and energy efficiency
2 December 2013