IEA fact-finding mission to Baghdad

1 March 2012

The IEA team, from left, included Capella Festa, Chief Economist Fatih Birol and Pawel Olejarnik with Deputy Prime Minister Al-Shahristani (second from left)

Between February 27 and 29, a team from the IEA’s Office of the Chief Economist held a fact-finding mission in Baghdad which focused on the in-depth outlook for Iraq’s energy sector that will be published in a World Energy Outlook (WEO) special report in early October. 

This report on Iraq’s energy sector has strong support from Iraq’s Deputy Prime Minister for Energy, H.E. Hussain Al-Shahristani, whom the IEA team – Chief Economist Fatih Birol, Capella Festa and Pawel Olejarnik – met in Baghdad (see photo). The IEA delegation held meetings with other key Iraqi authorities: Mr. Ghadhban (Chairman of the Iraqi Prime Ministers Advisors Committee), H.E. Sheikh Al-Janabi (Head of Iraq’s Parliamentary Oil and Gas Committee), H.E. Sheikh Hamoudi (Head of Iraq’s Parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee) and various other Ministry officials with responsibility for oil, electricity, water and planning. The strong support received and working relationships established will be instrumental towards the IEA’s work on an in-depth outlook for the Iraq’s energy sector.