IEA Statement
IEA Executive Director issues statement after meeting of experts from member countries
29 March 2012

Increasing the share of gas in India's energy mix will benefit country's energy security
Mobilising investment will be crucial, says IEA Executive Director
23 March 2012

Subsidy cuts show that renewable energy is coming of age
Article by Maria van der Hoeven, IEA Executive Director, in the European Energy Review.
22 March 2012

IEA unveils new initiatives on sustainable energy policies and technologies in the buildings sector
Agency calls for greater efforts to reduce energy demand of buildings, which represent around 40% of primary energy consumption in most IEA countries.
16 March 2012

Tight market fundamentals and risks surrounding Iran underpin 20% rise in crude prices since December, says Oil Market Report
The March Oil Market Report (OMR) highlights tight market fundamentals and risks surrounding Iran underpinning the 20% rise in crude prices since December.
14 March 2012

Recent increases in oil prices are cause for concern, IEA Executive Director tells IEF
Global oil expenditures breached 5% of the world’s Gross Domestic Product last year, just as they did in 2008 and other periods of sharp economic slowdown, IEA Executive Director Maria van der Hoeven has warned on Wednesday, 14 March in a speech to the 13th International Energy Forum in Kuwait.
14 March 2012

Europe looked to Latin America for oil supplies during Libya’s civil war
Crude from Colombia seen as best like-for-like replacement, IEA’s monthly Oil Market Report shows Europe, which imported 85% of Libya’s crude oil exports prior to the country’s civil war, was forced to look for unexpected long-haul oil supplies during and after the conflict, according to a special analysis contained in the International Energy Agency’s monthly Oil Market Report (OMR).
14 March 2012

Now is the time for global deployment of smart communities – IEA Deputy Executive Director
Ambassador Richard Jones highlights successful demonstration projects at meeting in Fukushima City.
13 March 2012

Energy security: looking towards uncertainty
Article by IEA Executive Director, Maria van der Hoeven, in the OECD Observer.
8 March 2012

Ukraine has great potential to increase its energy security
IEA Director of Global Energy Dialogue welcomes country's strong political commitment to develop conventional and unconventional gas resources
2 March 2012

IEA fact-finding mission to Baghdad
Team is preparing WEO in-depth special report on Iraq's energy sector
1 March 2012