New York Times declares IEA’s Golden Rules “required reading”

11 June 2012

Copyright: GraphicObsession

A Sunday New York Times editorial calls the new IEA report Golden Rules for a Golden Age of Gas “required reading for regulators and the industry — and for anyone who cares about energy, the environment and climate change”.

The editorial summarises the Golden Rules that make it possible to extract unconventional gas from the earth safely and how those rules add a manageable 7% to the cost of a typical well for unconventional gas. The IEA report, it adds, “also makes clear that regulators and the industry will have to be much more aggressive in protecting the water and the air from pollutants released by the process”.

The New York Times urges oil and gas companies to drop their opposition to such rules, noting the affordable cost and how gas-fired power plants emit half as much carbon dioxide as coal-fired plants. The editorial points out that the IEA reported two weeks earlier that atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide rose 3.2% in 2011 to a record level.  

“Stronger federal rules are plainly needed,” the newspaper’s editors conclude, based on the IEA report. “Concern for the planet is unlikely to persuade industry to drop its objections, but the public opposition should. Americans need to know that hydrofracturing is safe.”

The editorial makes the Times the latest prominent news organisation to tout the IEA’s Golden Rules. The Economist devoted two articles to the report after it was published on 29 May, while CNN host Fareed Zakaria urged viewers in his programme on 10 June to “read the IEA report.”

Golden Rules for a Golden Age of Gas can be downloaded for free at this link. The report is a special excerpt of the IEA flagship publication World Energy Outlook 2012, which goes on sale in November.