Energy security is best achieved through efficiency, diversity and co-operation
In times of economic uncertainty and geopolitical unrest, energy security is even more important that usual, says IEA executive director
29 June 2012

Urban energy policy design
The following article by IEA Executive Director Maria van der Hoeven appears in Sustainable Cities 2012
27 June 2012

IEA Executive Director on bioenergy fact-finding mission in Malaysia
26 June 2012

IEA to share energy expertise and data with Russian forecasting firm and grid operator
Accord should help enhance the exchange of information and raise transparency of Russian electricity markets
22 June 2012

Russia’s monthly oil exports reach highest level in a year
The new Ust Luga terminal is flagged by IEA’s monthly Oil Market Report as a key reason for this increase
20 June 2012

Universal access to energy would herald enormous economic and social benefits
Bringing electricity to 1.3 billion people would have not have a real negative impact on energy security or climate change – IEA Executive Director
14 June 2012

IEA’s Chief Economist awarded Italy’s highest ranking honour
Order of Merit presented in recognition of contribution to the understanding of global energy issues
14 June 2012

Global crude demand should rise sharply in coming months – Oil Market Report
June’s Oil Market Report (OMR) highlights a ‘better-supplied’ rather than an ‘over-supplied’ market.
13 June 2012

New York Times declares IEA’s Golden Rules “required reading”
The IEA report “makes clear that regulators and the industry will have to be much more aggressive in protecting the water and the air from pollutants released by the process”.
11 June 2012

New IEA report shows technology can transform energy system but emphasises need for decisive policy action now
Energy Technology Perspectives 2012 says with right policies, shift to clean energy can more than pay for itself
11 June 2012

Indicators that track changes in energy use and efficiency are focus of IEA workshop
The more than 100 attendees urge policy makers to increase visibility of such measurements
8 June 2012

The International Energy Agency collaborates with the Kurchatov Institute on Bioenergy
Event showcases International Technology Roadmap on Bioenergy for Heat and Power
6 June 2012

IEA conducts Emergency Response Exercise in India
'With this exercise we have strengthened our links with India, and we look forward to continuing to work together closely in the years to come'
5 June 2012

IEA report sees bright future for natural gas over next 5 years
Medium-Term Gas Market Report 2012 predicts doubling of Chinese demand and further U.S. growth
5 June 2012

Key findings from “Golden Rules for a Golden Age of Gas” are presented in Washington
WEO special report wins praise at event attended by more than 200 participants
4 June 2012