Global warming may lead to ‘Miami Beach in Boston’ situation unless urgent action is taken
IEA Deputy Executive Director says there is no single magic bullet that will address all of today’s energy challenges
31 July 2012

Environmental advantages of railways are highlighted in new report
Due to improved energy efficiency, rail companies account for less than 1% of the transport sector’s global CO2 emissions
26 July 2012

State of play: New IEA statistics publications highlight latest global and OECD trends across major energy sources
Global coal productions rose 6.6% in 2011, for 12th consecutive annual increase
25 July 2012

IEA presents report on Chile’s capacity to respond to energy supply emergencies
Recommendations range from encouraging more domestic production of oil to strengthening the independence and objectivity of the electricity system operation
18 July 2012

Norway’s oil production in July seen at lowest level in over 20 years
Labour Ministry intervenes at the last minute in a dispute between union workers and employers
12 July 2012

Projections for 2013 are presented for the first time in Oil Market Report
The latest Oil Market Report (OMR) notes June/July price volatility, based on supply-side concerns affecting Iran and Norway, but also ongoing worries over sovereign debt issues in the eurozone.
12 July 2012

Review of Ireland’s energy policies supports country’s push for a low-carbon economy
11 July 2012

IEA organises high-level policy dialogue and energy training with experts from the Caspian region
Energy experts from the public and private sectors in the Caspian region attended a three-day meeting in Astana, Kazakhstan, from 3 to 5 July.
11 July 2012

Russian government and industry representatives are briefed on IEA’s work
10 July 2012

IEA assists South Africa in developing solar energy roadmap
The South African government and various stakeholders are currently developing a national solar energy technology roadmap with support from the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the German development agency, Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit.
9 July 2012

Solar energy could meet one-sixth of global demand for heating and cooling in under 40 years
Investing in a broad range of solar heating and cooling technologies could save 800 megatonnes of CO2 emissions per year by 2050, IEA report finds
9 July 2012

IEA sees renewable energy growth accelerating over next 5 years
Agency’s first-ever renewable energy market report forecasts that global renewable power generation will increase by over 40% as deployment opportunities expand
5 July 2012

IEA review of Swiss energy policies highlights challenge of meeting carbon and nuclear phase-out objectives
3 July 2012