Clean-energy workshop fosters co-operation among non-member countries in Asia

11 December 2012

Asian strategists on clean energy shared experiences and best practice this month at an International Energy Agency workshop hosted by the Chinese Ministry for Science and Technology that fostered regional co-operation among emerging and developing countries.

The presentations in Beijing on clean-energy research and development strategies by IEA member and partner countries in the region showed that each country has specific resource bases, opportunities and challenges but can profit from its neighbours’ experiences.

“The IEA is an effective platform for countries to share best practice and address global challenges, whether between IEA member countries and partner countries or among partner countries in the same region,” said Ulrich Benterbusch, the director of the IEA Office of Global Energy Policy. “This was underlined in recent meetings between the IEA Executive Director, Maria van der Hoeven, and Dr. Wan Gang, Minister of Science and Technology, China, where he mentioned that China is keen to play a greater role in aiding emerging economies.”

Workshop participants examined the latest research, development and applications of clean energy systems, from quality of fuels to individual countries’ cultural aspects of energy use.

Future workshops are expected to focus on similar sharing of experience and expertise in other regions of the world.