IEA urges Greece to reform its energy market and boost economy
Increasing competition and reducing the role of the state in Greece’s energy sector could make a significant contribution to the country’s economic recovery, according to a review of Greek energy policies published today by the International Energy Agency (IEA).
27 October 2011

IEA urges Greece to reform its energy market and boost economy
26 October 2011

Power to the people: giving electricity users greater choice has environmental and economic benefits
IEA paper says greater demand response is needed to improve the flexibility and resilience of electricity systems.
25 October 2011

IEA releases latest statistics on global CO₂ emissions
Due to the 2008-2009 economic crisis global CO₂ emissions decreased for the first time since 1990, but a large rebound is anticipated in 2010.
24 October 2011

Governments must ensure ample resources for collecting energy data, says Joint Organisations Data Initiative (JODI)
Strong co-operation among countries, organisations and analysts since JODI's creation 10 years ago has led to significant increase in use of database
21 October 2011

China wind energy development roadmap outlines path for China to achieve 1000 GW of wind by 2050
20 October 2011

Ministers express shared resolve to drive forward a securer, more sustainable energy future across the globe
2011 Ministerial meeting brought together Ministers and delegates from 37 countries representing more than three quarters of the world’s energy consumption.
19 October 2011

IEA Ministerial Meeting
Ministers from 37 countries – including 28 IEA member countries and 9 partner countries – together with the EU, attended the 2011 IEA Meeting of the Governing Board at Ministerial Level.
18 October 2011

Russian Energy Agency (REA) and IEA agree to strengthen co-operation
Memorandum of Understanding focuses on energy efficiency and renewables
18 October 2011

IEA Scoreboard 2011 -- Implementing energy efficiency policy: Progress and challenges in IEA member countries
The 2011 edition of the Scoreboard focuses on energy efficiency.
14 October 2011

IEA presents report on financing energy access to high-level Energy for All Conference in Norway
IEA Executive Director Ms. Maria van der Hoeven and Chief Economist Fatih Birol today launched a special early excerpt of World Energy Outlook (WEO) 2011, "Energy for All: finance access for the poor".
10 October 2011

An achievable goal: Giving modern energy to the billions who lack it
IEA report says funding must increase to more than five times current levels and be matched by faster reforms
10 October 2011

OECD and IEA recommend reforming fossil-fuel subsidies to improve the economy and the environment
4 October 2011