Prospect of limiting the global increase in temperature to 2ºC is getting bleaker
CO2 emissions reach a record high in 2010; 80% of projected 2020 emissions from the power sector are already locked in
30 May 2011

New IEA book addresses the role of electricity in meeting climate change goals
27 May 2011

Gas Emergency Policy: where do IEA countries stand?
New Working Paper looks at the possible remedies that are available for dealing with gas security concerns.
25 May 2011

Challenges of using ‘variable’ renewables in power systems are surmountable, IEA report says Analysis of eight case studies shows that greater technical potential exists than is commonly assumed
24 May 2011

IEA Governing Board Statement
The IEA Governing Board, at its regular quarterly meeting on 18-19 May, examined oil market developments and their impact on the global economy
19 May 2011

More efficient motor-driven systems can reduce global electricity demand by 10%
New IEA report proposes a comprehensive package of policy recommendations for governments.
18 May 2011

Global investments must increase significantly to achieve universal access to energy
IEA meeting examines ways to raise and administer the required financing to end energy poverty.
18 May 2011

IEA report shows how to achieve dramatic energy savings in the buildings sector by 2050
16 May 2011

The heat is on: ‘Co-generation’ combined with renewables is a crucial component of low-carbon future
Adequate policy action is required now, says IEA.
11 May 2011

Boosting the efficiency of Russia’s coal-fired power plants is a ‘win-win’ move
IEA Deputy Executive Director outlines economic and environmental benefits
9 May 2011

IEA conducts first ‘Emergency Response Assessment’ on non-member country
Review provides recommendations for Thailand’s future policy and procedures.
5 May 2011

Diverse mix of energy sources are needed to decarbonise European electricity supply
Benefits of low-carbon policies are not only climate-related but also economic, IEA Executive Director stresses
3 May 2011

Electric vehicles: are they a passing fad, or here to stay?
IEA transport expert looks at the status quo, and predictions for the years ahead.
2 May 2011