Why is there a need for closer co-operation between China and the IEA?
Executive Director Nobuo Tanaka makes his case at a summit in Beijing
28 June 2011

IEA makes 60 million barrels of oil available to market to offset Libyan disruption
23 June 2011

IEA report looks at oil, gas market prospects through 2016
16 June 2011

Fact versus fiction
The IEA sets the record straight on energy-related misperceptions.
15 June 2011

How to achieve at least a tenfold increase in supply of geothermal power and heat
14 June 2011

A statement from the IEA Executive Director
Nobuo Tanaka delivered the following remarks on Wednesday at the Center for Strategic & International Studies in Washington, where he was presenting the recently published IEA report, "Are We Entering a Golden Age of Gas?":
8 June 2011

IEA special report explores potential for ‘golden age’ of natural gas
6 June 2011