A new start for co-operation with the Republic of South Africa
Johannesburg: IEA signs Memorandum of Understanding with South Africa and delivers a series of comprehensive workshops on sustainable energy options.
28 July 2011

IEA 30-Day Review of Libya Collective Action
21 July 2011

Hungary making valuable contributions to regional energy security, IEA report says
New report encourages Hungary to focus more on attracting energy investments and improving energy efficiency
15 July 2011

July Oil Market Report assesses impact of IEA stock release
Market appetite for the oil made available so far has been greater than during the collective action in 2005 following Hurricane Katrina.
13 July 2011

Production plans for electric vehicles announced to date are below sales targets set by countries
IEA launches updated roadmap on Electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.
5 July 2011

What is the best way to respond to major electricity shortfalls? Plan now!
IEA report draws on recent cases to show how countries can save electricity in a hurry
5 July 2011

Development of smart grids in Latin America and the Caribbean discussed at IEA workshop
Implementation throughout the region highlighted as critical to reduce high losses in electricity distribution networks
4 July 2011