While Egyptian Unrest Contributes to High Oil Prices, IEA Sees No Immediate Threat to Energy Supplies
Unrest in Egypt has contributed to market uncertainty.
31 January 2011

Chinks in the chain: What causes disruptions to the supply of oil?
Technical hitches and the weather are the most common reasons, explains IEA expert.
30 January 2011

New report gives green light to the feasibility of halving carbon emissions from new cars by 2030
Ambitious target is achievable using cost-effective technologies which already exist.
25 January 2011

Countries must act now to achieve a secure and cleaner energy future
IEA Executive Director speaks on opening day of World Future Energy Summit
19 January 2011

Global surge of activity follows successful production of unconventional gas in US
IEA analyst outlines core factors countries must address to emulate this achievement.
13 January 2011

Climate change talks: the road to Durban
IEA expert Richard Baron assesses the recent UN conference in Cancun and outlines priorities for countries to address ahead of the South Africa summit in December.
10 January 2011

High oil prices pose threat to global economic recovery
“This is a wake-up call to the oil consuming countries and to the oil producers” – IEA Chief Economist Fatih Birol.
5 January 2011