Ireland plots path to a sustainable energy future
More than 250 million tonnes of CO2 emissions can be saved by 2050 by embracing wind power, smart grids, and electric vehicles.
22 December 2011

Iraq’s oil production capacity is forecast to increase sharply over next five years
OPEC crude production capacity set to reach 38.1 million barrels per day by 2016.
20 December 2011

IEA report sees no let-up in world’s appetite for coal over next five years
Medium-Term Coal Market Report 2011 also addresses global implications of Chinese coal demand.
13 December 2011

IEA Executive Director meets with US Secretary of State
Topics discussed include the pace of recovery in Libyan oil production
12 December 2011

IEA says action needed now to sustainably enhance energy security and avert climate change
6 December 2011

IEA, IEF, and OPEC host Second Joint Workshop on the Interactions between physical and financial energy markets
Participants address oil price formation as well as the progress and potential impact of proposed market regulation
2 December 2011

More needs to be done to halve carbon dioxide emissions from new cars by 2030
Buying a diesel car instead of its gasoline equivalent is one way to improve fuel economy.
2 December 2011

Large-scale transformation of the energy sector could slash CO2 emissions and create new jobs, says OECD/IEA report
As the energy sector is responsible for the majority of mankind’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, reforming it is critical to solving the climate change dilemma.
1 December 2011

New IEA study assesses solar technologies and shows how an integrated approach will increase efficiency, foster deployment and reduce costs
In 90 minutes, enough sunlight strikes the earth to provide the entire planets energy needs for one year.
1 December 2011