Shanghai meeting plugs in to future development and deployment of electric vehicles
Countries agree to pursue common data collection and analysis
29 April 2011

Russia’s energy outlook discussed at IEA meeting
“Energy policy choices made by the Russian authorities in the coming years will…have major implications for global energy security” – IEA Chief Economist.
21 April 2011

The age of cheap energy is over, IEA Executive Director warns
Findings from the World Energy Outlook are presented at the Bridge Forum Dialogue in Luxembourg
21 April 2011

Biofuels can provide up to 27% of world transportation fuel by 2050, IEA report says - IEA ‘roadmap’ shows how biofuel production can be expanded in a sustainable way, and identifies needed technologies and policy actions
A new report from the International Energy Agency (IEA) says that the widespread deployment of biofuels can play an important role in reducing CO2 emissions in the transport sector and enhancing energy security, when produced sustainably.
20 April 2011

Bullish and bearish opinions on Japan’s oil demand prospects are outlined in latest Oil Market Report
Estimates for the economic impact from the earthquake and tsunami vary significantly, with the power sector playing a key role for oil demand.
19 April 2011

IEA member countries make progress in implementing energy efficiency policies
While more needs to be done to meet global climate, security and economic development objectives, preliminary results from new analysis indicate positive strides have been made.
13 April 2011

Clean energy: the facts
IEA report analyses – for the first time – progress in global clean energy technology deployment.
7 April 2011

IEA releases first Clean Energy Progress Report
Notable successes in deployment of clean-energy technologies are being overshadowed by continued hunger for fossil fuels, report says
6 April 2011

Widespread deployment of smart grids is critical for a secure, cost-effective and clean energy future,
"Smart Grids Technology Roadmap" shows how use of smart grid technologies can be expanded, identifies goals that must be met
4 April 2011

Renewable energy is essential for limiting global temperature increase, say experts
IEA hosts meeting for senior finance, policy and industry stakeholders
1 April 2011

IEA Executive Director test-drives plug-in-hybrid vehicle
“This hands-on experience and testing will contribute to our analysis and help with policy recommendations towards a sustainable energy future”
1 April 2011