2011 News

Ireland plots path to a sustainable energy future
More than 250 million tonnes of CO2 emissions can be saved by 2050 by embracing wind power, smart grids, and electric vehicles.
22 December 2011

Iraq’s oil production capacity is forecast to increase sharply over next five years
OPEC crude production capacity set to reach 38.1 million barrels per day by 2016.
20 December 2011

IEA report sees no let-up in world’s appetite for coal over next five years
Medium-Term Coal Market Report 2011 also addresses global implications of Chinese coal demand.
13 December 2011

IEA Executive Director meets with US Secretary of State
Topics discussed include the pace of recovery in Libyan oil production
12 December 2011

IEA says action needed now to sustainably enhance energy security and avert climate change
6 December 2011

IEA, IEF, and OPEC host Second Joint Workshop on the Interactions between physical and financial energy markets
Participants address oil price formation as well as the progress and potential impact of proposed market regulation
2 December 2011

More needs to be done to halve carbon dioxide emissions from new cars by 2030
Buying a diesel car instead of its gasoline equivalent is one way to improve fuel economy.
2 December 2011

Large-scale transformation of the energy sector could slash CO2 emissions and create new jobs, says OECD/IEA report
As the energy sector is responsible for the majority of mankind’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, reforming it is critical to solving the climate change dilemma.
1 December 2011

New IEA study assesses solar technologies and shows how an integrated approach will increase efficiency, foster deployment and reduce costs
In 90 minutes, enough sunlight strikes the earth to provide the entire planets energy needs for one year.
1 December 2011

Shift in demand over next two decades must not upset balance of global energy security
Supplying the world’s energy must be done in a sustainable way, IEA Executive Director says during visit to Saudi Arabia
30 November 2011

To maintain renewable energy’s rapid growth, new IEA study assesses challenges and shows how to overcome obstacles.
23 November 2011

Russia must invest USD 100 billion a year to meet domestic and international demand for its energy resources
IEA's World Energy Outlook 2011 focuses on worlds largest oil and gas producer, finds huge potential for improving energy efficiency.
16 November 2011

Efforts to restore oil production in Libya are progressing faster than anticipated
Going forward, the timing and pace of the production increases will hinge on the state of supporting infrastructure, such as pipelines and refineries.
15 November 2011

G20 leaders endorse IEA report on deployment of clean energy and energy efficiency technologies
While positive progress has been made with clean energy technologies, the world is still largely dependent on fossil fuels to satisfy growth in global energy demand.
10 November 2011

World Energy Outlook 2011
Without a bold change of policy direction, the world will lock itself into an insecure, inefficient and high-carbon energy system
9 November 2011

World Energy Outlook 2011 launched in London
At a press conference in London, the IEA Executive Director Maria van der Hoeven and Chief Economist Fatih Birol presented the results of the IEA World Energy Outlook 2011 (WEO).
9 November 2011

The world is locking itself into an unsustainable energy future which would have far-reaching consequences, IEA warns in its latest World Energy Outlook
9 November 2011

IEA Statement on early reports on 2011 World Energy Outlook
4 November 2011

IEA Chief Economist delivers keynote speech at B20 Business Summit
Fatih Birol focusses on worldwide access to energy, fossil fuel subsidies and investment in energy infrastructure
2 November 2011

IEA urges Greece to reform its energy market and boost economy
Increasing competition and reducing the role of the state in Greece’s energy sector could make a significant contribution to the country’s economic recovery, according to a review of Greek energy policies published today by the International Energy Agency (IEA).
27 October 2011

IEA urges Greece to reform its energy market and boost economy
26 October 2011

Power to the people: giving electricity users greater choice has environmental and economic benefits
IEA paper says greater demand response is needed to improve the flexibility and resilience of electricity systems.
25 October 2011

IEA releases latest statistics on global CO₂ emissions
Due to the 2008-2009 economic crisis global CO₂ emissions decreased for the first time since 1990, but a large rebound is anticipated in 2010.
24 October 2011

Governments must ensure ample resources for collecting energy data, says Joint Organisations Data Initiative (JODI)
Strong co-operation among countries, organisations and analysts since JODI's creation 10 years ago has led to significant increase in use of database
21 October 2011

China wind energy development roadmap outlines path for China to achieve 1000 GW of wind by 2050
20 October 2011

Ministers express shared resolve to drive forward a securer, more sustainable energy future across the globe
2011 Ministerial meeting brought together Ministers and delegates from 37 countries representing more than three quarters of the world’s energy consumption.
19 October 2011

IEA Ministerial Meeting
Ministers from 37 countries – including 28 IEA member countries and 9 partner countries – together with the EU, attended the 2011 IEA Meeting of the Governing Board at Ministerial Level.
18 October 2011

Russian Energy Agency (REA) and IEA agree to strengthen co-operation
Memorandum of Understanding focuses on energy efficiency and renewables
18 October 2011

IEA Scoreboard 2011 -- Implementing energy efficiency policy: Progress and challenges in IEA member countries
The 2011 edition of the Scoreboard focuses on energy efficiency.
14 October 2011

IEA presents report on financing energy access to high-level Energy for All Conference in Norway
IEA Executive Director Ms. Maria van der Hoeven and Chief Economist Fatih Birol today launched a special early excerpt of World Energy Outlook (WEO) 2011, "Energy for All: finance access for the poor".
10 October 2011

An achievable goal: Giving modern energy to the billions who lack it
IEA report says funding must increase to more than five times current levels and be matched by faster reforms
10 October 2011

OECD and IEA recommend reforming fossil-fuel subsidies to improve the economy and the environment
4 October 2011

Firm commitments to carbon capture and storage are needed from governments and industry - IEA Deputy Executive Director
Current policies in place throughout the world are not enough to limit rise in global warming to 2 degrees Celsius
26 September 2011

IEA, Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) agree to strengthen co-operation
Enhanced ties come as ASEAN members’ energy demand is set to expand much faster than global average over the next two decades
20 September 2011

Carbon capture and storage has great potential in industrial applications
CCS is a cost-effective option for reducing CO2 emissions, IEA and UNIDO say in joint report.
20 September 2011

IEA Governing Board concludes Libya Collective Action
IEA Executive Director Ms. Maria van der Hoeven today announced that the collective action taken by IEA Member countries in response to the Libyan supply disruption has been terminated.
15 September 2011

Q&A on global liquefied natural gas markets
IEA Senior Gas Analyst Anne-Sophie Corbeau looks at the role LNG will play over the next few years
6 September 2011

Maria van der Hoeven begins term as IEA Executive Director
Former Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs vows focus on excellence as IEA works to address challenges of energy security, economic growth and environmental sustainability
1 September 2011

Crude oil prices have plunged for the third time in three months
Concerns over debt levels in Europe and the US, and signs of slowing economic growth in China and India have spooked the market - August Oil Market Report.
11 August 2011

Can all barriers to implementing energy efficiency policies be overcome by putting a price on carbon?
IEA report identifies several areas which are not addressed by carbon pricing.
1 August 2011

A new start for co-operation with the Republic of South Africa
Johannesburg: IEA signs Memorandum of Understanding with South Africa and delivers a series of comprehensive workshops on sustainable energy options.
28 July 2011

IEA 30-Day Review of Libya Collective Action
21 July 2011

Hungary making valuable contributions to regional energy security, IEA report says
New report encourages Hungary to focus more on attracting energy investments and improving energy efficiency
15 July 2011

July Oil Market Report assesses impact of IEA stock release
Market appetite for the oil made available so far has been greater than during the collective action in 2005 following Hurricane Katrina.
13 July 2011

Production plans for electric vehicles announced to date are below sales targets set by countries
IEA launches updated roadmap on Electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.
5 July 2011

What is the best way to respond to major electricity shortfalls? Plan now!
IEA report draws on recent cases to show how countries can save electricity in a hurry
5 July 2011

Development of smart grids in Latin America and the Caribbean discussed at IEA workshop
Implementation throughout the region highlighted as critical to reduce high losses in electricity distribution networks
4 July 2011

Why is there a need for closer co-operation between China and the IEA?
Executive Director Nobuo Tanaka makes his case at a summit in Beijing
28 June 2011

IEA makes 60 million barrels of oil available to market to offset Libyan disruption
23 June 2011

IEA report looks at oil, gas market prospects through 2016
16 June 2011

Fact versus fiction
The IEA sets the record straight on energy-related misperceptions.
15 June 2011

How to achieve at least a tenfold increase in supply of geothermal power and heat
14 June 2011

A statement from the IEA Executive Director
Nobuo Tanaka delivered the following remarks on Wednesday at the Center for Strategic & International Studies in Washington, where he was presenting the recently published IEA report, "Are We Entering a Golden Age of Gas?":
8 June 2011

IEA special report explores potential for ‘golden age’ of natural gas
6 June 2011

Prospect of limiting the global increase in temperature to 2ºC is getting bleaker
CO2 emissions reach a record high in 2010; 80% of projected 2020 emissions from the power sector are already locked in
30 May 2011

New IEA book addresses the role of electricity in meeting climate change goals
27 May 2011

Gas Emergency Policy: where do IEA countries stand?
New Working Paper looks at the possible remedies that are available for dealing with gas security concerns.
25 May 2011

Challenges of using ‘variable’ renewables in power systems are surmountable, IEA report says Analysis of eight case studies shows that greater technical potential exists than is commonly assumed
24 May 2011

IEA Governing Board Statement
The IEA Governing Board, at its regular quarterly meeting on 18-19 May, examined oil market developments and their impact on the global economy
19 May 2011

More efficient motor-driven systems can reduce global electricity demand by 10%
New IEA report proposes a comprehensive package of policy recommendations for governments.
18 May 2011

Global investments must increase significantly to achieve universal access to energy
IEA meeting examines ways to raise and administer the required financing to end energy poverty.
18 May 2011

IEA report shows how to achieve dramatic energy savings in the buildings sector by 2050
16 May 2011

The heat is on: ‘Co-generation’ combined with renewables is a crucial component of low-carbon future
Adequate policy action is required now, says IEA.
11 May 2011

Boosting the efficiency of Russia’s coal-fired power plants is a ‘win-win’ move
IEA Deputy Executive Director outlines economic and environmental benefits
9 May 2011

IEA conducts first ‘Emergency Response Assessment’ on non-member country
Review provides recommendations for Thailand’s future policy and procedures.
5 May 2011

Diverse mix of energy sources are needed to decarbonise European electricity supply
Benefits of low-carbon policies are not only climate-related but also economic, IEA Executive Director stresses
3 May 2011

Electric vehicles: are they a passing fad, or here to stay?
IEA transport expert looks at the status quo, and predictions for the years ahead.
2 May 2011

Shanghai meeting plugs in to future development and deployment of electric vehicles
Countries agree to pursue common data collection and analysis
29 April 2011

Russia’s energy outlook discussed at IEA meeting
“Energy policy choices made by the Russian authorities in the coming years will…have major implications for global energy security” – IEA Chief Economist.
21 April 2011

The age of cheap energy is over, IEA Executive Director warns
Findings from the World Energy Outlook are presented at the Bridge Forum Dialogue in Luxembourg
21 April 2011

Biofuels can provide up to 27% of world transportation fuel by 2050, IEA report says - IEA ‘roadmap’ shows how biofuel production can be expanded in a sustainable way, and identifies needed technologies and policy actions
A new report from the International Energy Agency (IEA) says that the widespread deployment of biofuels can play an important role in reducing CO2 emissions in the transport sector and enhancing energy security, when produced sustainably.
20 April 2011

Bullish and bearish opinions on Japan’s oil demand prospects are outlined in latest Oil Market Report
Estimates for the economic impact from the earthquake and tsunami vary significantly, with the power sector playing a key role for oil demand.
19 April 2011

IEA member countries make progress in implementing energy efficiency policies
While more needs to be done to meet global climate, security and economic development objectives, preliminary results from new analysis indicate positive strides have been made.
13 April 2011

Clean energy: the facts
IEA report analyses – for the first time – progress in global clean energy technology deployment.
7 April 2011

IEA releases first Clean Energy Progress Report
Notable successes in deployment of clean-energy technologies are being overshadowed by continued hunger for fossil fuels, report says
6 April 2011

Widespread deployment of smart grids is critical for a secure, cost-effective and clean energy future,
"Smart Grids Technology Roadmap" shows how use of smart grid technologies can be expanded, identifies goals that must be met
4 April 2011

Renewable energy is essential for limiting global temperature increase, say experts
IEA hosts meeting for senior finance, policy and industry stakeholders
1 April 2011

IEA Executive Director test-drives plug-in-hybrid vehicle
“This hands-on experience and testing will contribute to our analysis and help with policy recommendations towards a sustainable energy future”
1 April 2011

Surge in oil prices poses threat to global economic recovery
IEA’s Chief Economist assesses potential fallout from sustained high prices.
31 March 2011

Our future: A golden age for natural gas?
IEA analysis looks at the rapid growth in supply of ‘unconventional’ gas and liquefied natural gas.
29 March 2011

New Zealand’s energy policies are on the right track, but challenges remain, IEA says
New report cites energy efficiency and investment in infrastructure as areas in which further commitments should be made.
28 March 2011

Mexican government praised for improving quality of its statistics
IEA Deputy Executive Director also commends the country’s impressive first set of energy efficiency indicators.
25 March 2011

Facts about Japanese energy supply
A look at the issues affecting electricity and oil markets in the country following the March 11 earthquake and tsunami
25 March 2011

IEA experts examine fluctuations in commodity prices
Analysis features in this month’s Oil Market Report.
21 March 2011

Facts about nuclear energy in Japan, the OECD and the world
The IEA provides sources for information
18 March 2011

IEA says Norway well-placed to make necessary investments for a low-carbon future
Scandinavian country’s energy policies are a positive example for others to follow, according to new report
15 March 2011

IEA says Norway is well-placed to make necessary investments for a low-carbon future
The Scandinavian country’s energy policies are a positive example for others to follow, according to a new report.
15 March 2011

Caspian oil and gas exports are poised for take-off
Expected growth of supplies from the region will meet rising demand in Europe and China.
15 March 2011

The IEA expresses its condolences to the Japanese people
Agency emphasises readiness to act if it is needed
13 March 2011

Former Dutch Minister Maria van der Hoeven named next Executive Director of the IEA -- <em>Term starts in September 2011</em>
11 March 2011

How does the IEA respond to major disruptions in oil supply?
Each member country is required to hold oil stocks equivalent to 90 days of its previous year's net imports
10 March 2011

Complacent attitude to climate change must be stamped out
There is a need to intensify global efforts ahead of the next UN summit in Durban.
10 March 2011

IEA Oil Market Update
The following is an oil market update and summary of information on the Libyan supply outages.
10 March 2011

IEA commends Belgium for improved energy security and encourages it to continue expanding public oil stocks
9 March 2011

Energy efficiency is an essential part of efforts to slash global CO2 emissions
IEA Deputy Executive Director Richard Jones speaks to influential UK policy group.
8 March 2011

IEA Oil Market Update
The following is an oil market update and summary of information on the Libyan supply outages.
2 March 2011

IEA urges Polish government to integrate its energy and climate strategies
‘Poland has made impressive efforts over recent years to develop a solid energy policy framework’ – Executive Director, Nobuo Tanaka.
2 March 2011

IEA commends Poland’s energy policy achievements and calls for greater focus on climate change, energy efficiency and decarbonisation of the power sector
2 March 2011

Leading industry executives convene for two days of IEA Energy Business Council talks
“The frank exchanges that go on at these meetings are invaluable,” IEA Chief Economist Fatih Birol says
28 February 2011

IEA Oil Market Update
The following is an oil market update and summary of information on the Libyan supply outages.
25 February 2011

IEA Governing Board Statement on Libya
In its regular quarterly meeting, the IEA Governing Board discussed developments on the world oil market.
24 February 2011

New charter strengthens co-operation between energy producing and consuming countries
87 countries commit to strengthening consumer-producer dialogue at International Energy Forum ministerial meeting in Riyadh.
23 February 2011

IEA Facts in Brief: Libya
A look at the supply of oil and gas from the North African nation.
21 February 2011

Overseas activities of China’s oil companies are demystified in new report
Research finds that companies operate with high degree of independence from the government and their investments help increase global supplies of oil and gas.
17 February 2011

Fuel-saving gadgets for cars: are they worthwhile?
An IEA expert goes on a test drive to find out. Gadgets that help reduce the amount of fuel consumed by cars are becoming increasingly common in new models.
15 February 2011

World Wildlife Fund’s New Energy Report Emphasises Role of Renewables
The IEA welcomes the World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) report as a valuable contribution to the energy debate. While the IEA believes a broader mix of energy technologies – including nuclear energy and carbon capture and storage -- will be required to meet future challenges, we share the view that renewable energy must play a key role in a clean energy future.
4 February 2011

IEA Facts in Brief: Egypt
A look at the flow of oil and gas through the Suez Canal and the Sumed pipeline.
3 February 2011

Renewable energy sources are a critical element of energy security
IEA Executive Director addresses French symposium
1 February 2011

While Egyptian Unrest Contributes to High Oil Prices, IEA Sees No Immediate Threat to Energy Supplies
Unrest in Egypt has contributed to market uncertainty.
31 January 2011

Chinks in the chain: What causes disruptions to the supply of oil?
Technical hitches and the weather are the most common reasons, explains IEA expert.
30 January 2011

New report gives green light to the feasibility of halving carbon emissions from new cars by 2030
Ambitious target is achievable using cost-effective technologies which already exist.
25 January 2011

Countries must act now to achieve a secure and cleaner energy future
IEA Executive Director speaks on opening day of World Future Energy Summit
19 January 2011

Global surge of activity follows successful production of unconventional gas in US
IEA analyst outlines core factors countries must address to emulate this achievement.
13 January 2011

Climate change talks: the road to Durban
IEA expert Richard Baron assesses the recent UN conference in Cancun and outlines priorities for countries to address ahead of the South Africa summit in December.
10 January 2011

High oil prices pose threat to global economic recovery
“This is a wake-up call to the oil consuming countries and to the oil producers” – IEA Chief Economist Fatih Birol.
5 January 2011

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