World Statistics Day

20 October 2010

The International Energy Agency is very pleased to associate itself with the World Statistics Day organised by the United Nations on 20 October 2010 for “celebrating the many contributions and achievements of official statistics”.

The IEA is a world reference for energy statistics, and meeting the growing expectations from analysts, countries and other users requires it to make a continuous effort.

To contribute further to global energy transparency on World Statistics Day, the IEA would like to announce:

  • the release of an iPhone/iPad version of its flagship Key World Energy Statistics booklet downloadable from the IEA website
  • updated data available on its web statistics page with the most recent figures available for the 130 countries it covers worldwide, and
  • the release of the most recent data on CO2 Emissions from Fuel Combustion to feed the debate in the coming COP meeting in Cancún.

The IEA encourages everyone to have a look at its statistics web page and, of course, to download the Key World Energy Statistics booklet on to your iPhone or your iPad!

On this day dedicated to statistics, the IEA would like to convey its appreciation to all the people in charge of energy statistics in countries, companies and organisations around the world. Without their professionalism and commitment, the quality of energy statistics would never have reached the level that it has.

The IEA Energy Statistics Division: