IEA participates in Russia’s International Energy Week
26 October 2010

OPEC at 50
"We all share an interest in the development of cleaner, more stable and secure oil markets for the future." IEA Executive Director Nobuo Tanaka.
20 October 2010

World Statistics Day
20 October 2010

Chile applying for IEA membership
13 October 2010

New IEA Policy Pathways Series shows the way on how to substantially improve implementation of energy efficiency recommendations
11 October 2010

IEA commends the Czech Republic for energy security achievements and calls for greater focus on climate change and economic efficiency
7 October 2010

IEA releases latest estimates on CO2 emissions from fuel combustion
6 October 2010

IEA Forum launches Electric Vehicles Initiative at Paris Auto Show
1 October 2010

IEA Forum at Paris Motor Show launches Electric Vehicles Initiative
Commitments for greater international co-operation
1 October 2010