IEA participates in Governors Global Climate Summit 3 in California

16 November 2010

On 16 November, IEA Deputy Executive Director Richard H. Jones (left in photo) was at the University of California in Davis, where he took part in the Capitalizing Green Technology panel discussion at the Governors Global Climate Summit 3, hosted by California Governor Schwarzenegger (right).

The purpose of the Summit, which was attended by 1 500 delegates from more than 80 states, provinces and countries, was to expand the network of subnational collaboration to share policies and strategies on how to expand the green economy, promote clean energy solutions and curb greenhouse gas emissions.

Ambassador Jones also signed, on behalf of the IEA, the R20 Regions of Climate Action Charter document. The mission of the R20 will be to develop and implement low-carbon and climate-resilient projects through co-operation among subnational governments around the world.