IEA Mission to Russia
28 October 2009

Transport, Energy and CO2: Moving toward Sustainability
How the world can achieve deep CO2 reductions in transport by 2050
27 October 2009

First IEA-Indonesia Energy Statisticians Training Project Course Held in Paris
26 October 2009

IEA Launches Energy Policy Review of Chile
22 October 2009

IEA commends Chile on significant achievements in energy policy and recommends clearer regulation for long-term investment to integrate environmental costs
22 October 2009

IEA Participates in Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate
20 October 2009

IEA Ministers confirm commitment to stabilise CO2 emissions and ensure transition to low-carbon economy; welcome closer co-operation with China, India and Russia
15 October 2009

IEA Ministerial in Paris
15 October 2009

Implementing Energy Efficiency Policies: -- Are IEA Member Countries on Track?
15 October 2009

IEA Scoreboard 2009 -- 35 Key Energy Trends over 35 Years
14 October 2009

IEA Ministerial in Paris
14 October 2009

IEA Releases Technology Roadmap to Achieve CCS Commercialisation
13 October 2009

Contribution agreement with the EBRD
12 October 2009

The new Japanese Government welcomes the IEA
8 October 2009

From financial crisis to 450 ppm
The IEA maps out the energy sector transformation and its financial consequences under a global climate agreement
6 October 2009