WEO 2009 Presented in Beijing

23 November 2009

IEA Executive Director Nobuo Tanaka presented the World Energy Outlook 2009 (WEO-2009) in Beijing to 160 journalists, officials, policy analysts and researchers.

Professor Huang Shengchu, President of the China Coal Information Institute, introduced Mr. Tanaka's very well received presentation. Two distinguished commentators, Mr. Han Wenke, Director General of the Energy Research Institute and Professor Hu Angang, focused their remarks on the WEO climate change findings. Both Professor Hu and Mr. Han expressed their general support for the WEO 450 scenario, which aims to stabilise CO2 emissions at 450 parts per million. However, the two debated the implications for Chinese energy demand. Professor Hu emphasised to the mainly Chinese audience that the 450 scenario showed primary energy demand in China peaking at 2020, while Mr. Han pointed out, based on domestic studies, that China's energy use would not begin to fall until after 2030.