World Energy Outlook 2009 findings - Rice University webcast

20 November 2009

The International Energy Agency (IEA) presented the results of its World Energy Outlook 2009 at a special Energy Forum event. During his presentation, IEA Deputy Executive Director Richard H. Jones provided a comprehensive update of energy demand and supply projections and their implications for energy security and the environment.

This latest analysis from the IEA takes into account the dramatic economic downturn that has now hit all parts of the world, as well as revised expectations about energy prices, which have ridden a veritable roller coaster over the past year.

As part of the presentation, Jones outlined the results of an in-depth assessment of the prospects for global gas markets, including the emergence of shale gas as an abundant and potentially low-cost source of supply in North America. He also presented a post-2012 scenario, which the IEA prepared as input to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change negotiations, which details a pathway for the energy sector to achieve a transition to a low-carbon world.

Ambassador Jones is pictured here with Amy Myers Jaffee, Director of the Energy Forum at the Baker Institute.

Watch the webcast.