IEA Updates the Dealing with Climate Change Database

(Paris) — 21 June 2004

The International Energy Agency’s updated Dealing with Climate Change database went online today. It offers access to information on energy-related policies and measures taken or planned in IEAs 26 member countries since 1999 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It has now been updated to include information on 2003 developments.
The database is the most widely-used source of energy-related policies and measures available in the public domain. Since its initial launch in May 2003, the site has been visited over 15,000 times,reflecting its popularity with member country analysts and the wider public policy research community.

The database is updated and reviewed by IEA member countries on a yearly basis. With over 900 records collected and classified over a five year period (1999-2003), the Dealing with Climate Change database provides a comprehensive follow-up of the policy making process in place in IEA countries to reduce energy related emissions.

The database is freely accessible online via the IEA website click here to view. Visitors can search for information according to country, policy type, technology, sector, year of implementation and other criteria. The database is intended to complement the policy analysis carried out by the IEA on climate change mitigation. It is part of a broader effort from the IEA to provide support for decisionmakers, policy experts, researchers and scholars, as well as to provide practical information to the business community and the broader public.

Created in 1974, the IEA is an intergovernmental energy research and policy forum for 26 industrialised countries. Through the IEA, member governments, working with non-member countries, take joint measures to meet oil supply emergencies, share energy information, and promote the integration of energy and environment policies and development of rational, sustainable energy programmes including through alternative energy and energy efficiency.


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