Nominations for Climate Technology Awards

(Paris) — 26 February 2002

Through its awards programme, the Climate Technology Initiative recognises those who bring climate-friendly technologies to market and instil environmental best practice.

William Chandler, who won a 1999 award, has established energy-efficiency centres throughout the economies in transition. The Energy Programme of Intermediate Technology Development Group captured a 2000 award for helping rural Peruvian communities gain access to electricity by financing mini-hydro power technologies. Last year Clovis Borges was recognised for conserving Brazilian rain forests to preserve bio-diversity and capture CO2.

CTI award winners receive global, high-profile, recognition for their work. This year’s winners will be honoured next November at a ceremony at the Eighth Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 8) in New Delhi. There are two categories of awards:

Do you know an individual or organisation that deserves recognition? Or do you feel that you deserve an award? Applications can be filed electronically at, or contact the Secretariat. The deadline for applications is 7 May 2002.

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