Third Annual CTI World Climate Technology Awards

(Paris) — 10 April 2001

Press Release: WANTED: Nominations for Climate Technology Leaders

The Climate Technology Initiative (CTI), through its awards programme, recognises the outstanding achievements of individuals and organisations in helping to commercialise and diffuse climate-friendly technologies. In 2000, the CTI Award went to three individuals for their outstanding efforts in promoting energy-efficiency. Similarly, three organisations were rewarded for demonstrated leadership in developing projects and overcoming barriers to the dissemination of climate-friendly technologies. One CTI Award winner was the Energy Programme of Intermediate Technology Development Group (Peru Office), which facilitated financing for the construction of small hydro schemes from a variety of sources: local, regional, central government, and NGOs to provide electricity for about15 000 people.

CTI Award winners receive global, high profile, recognition for their valuable work. The winners will be honoured at an awards ceremony at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Seventh Conference of the Parties (COP7) in Marrakech, Morocco in November 2001.

There are two categories of awards:

1. The CTI World Climate Technology Award is intended for organisations that have successfully introduced climate-friendly technologies or practices particularly, but not necessarily exclusively, in the developing world or in economies in transition.

2. The Climate Technology Leadership Award is for individuals who have furthered the goals of the CTI and the UNFCCC, and shown continued dedication to sustainable development.
Do you know an individual that has brought a climate-friendly technology or practice to a region where it was previously unavailable or seldom used? Or do you know an organisation that has designed and implemented successful programmes that demonstrate outstanding and innovative management or finance techniques?

You can nominate this person or organisation, or even yourself, by filling out the application form available at the CTI website (Alternatively, contact the CTI Secretariat to receive an application by mail.) The application material also contains information on eligibility and criteria of the requirements for each award. PLEASE NOTE: Applications are due by 13 June 2001.

The CTI wants to reward you and your organisation for the outstanding contribution you've made in a challenging field. We look forward to hearing from you today.


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