IEA Publishes Energy Policies of IEA Countries

(Paris) — 28 February 2000

The International Energy Agency (IEA) today released its 1999 review of Energy Policies of IEA Countries. The publication constitutes a valuable source of factual information and analysis of energy policy and energy market developments in the Member countries of the IEA.

It provides an overview of major developments in energy issues, notably the efforts of Member countries to meet their CO2 reduction commitments under the Kyoto Protocol and the action still needed to attain these goals.

Energy Policies of IEA Countries also examines the progress made by Member countries in implementing regulatory reform to achieve more open and efficient markets. It compliments their efforts, noting that the different starting points of Member countries, such as industry structure, are central in shaping individual approaches to the reform process.

The study also features summaries of in-depth reviews of key changes in the energy policies of Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan and Switzerland. (The full reviews are published separately). These reviews were carried out by a team of experts from Member countries and the IEA Secretariat. Each Member country is reviewed every four years.


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