Workshop: World Energy Outlook 2017: High-level Workshop on Energy and Development

Paris, France: 27 March 2017

The IEA is hosting a High-Level Workshop on Energy and Development, to bring together leading experts and decision makers from around the world to provide strategic guidance on the analysis and messages of the IEA’s forthcoming study. To this end, the workshop is organized in two parts. The morning will feature discussion on the current status of energy access around the world, the development pathways being utilized and the pace of progress. Sessions in the afternoon will chart the path to sustainable energy for all by 2030 for households and for productive uses


The workshop will draw insights on these issues from a range of distinguished experts spanning government, academia, the energy industry and the development community. The meeting will be informal in nature and held under the Chatham House Rule, according to which participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed. Each session will be introduced by invited experts and followed by an open roundtable discussion.

Attendance is by invitation only. For more information please visit the forum's website page.