Workshop on Modernising Energy Efficiency through Digitalisation

UIC-P Espace Congrès, 16 rue Jean Rey, 75015 Paris: 27 March 2019

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Digitalisation within the energy sector presents a significant opportunity to transform end-use and systems efficiency. The IEA is tracking emerging trends in using digital technology to enable greater energy efficiency gains within specific sectors and across multiple end-uses, as well as within the wider energy system context.


Based on our conversations with government officials, representatives from industry, and other energy efficiency stakeholders, there is a need for greater clarity on how digitalisation is enabling greater energy efficiency, as well as how policymaking itself is being transformed through the use of digital tools and techniques.

The workshop will explore:

- How have policies been designed to exploit the impacts of digitalisation on energy efficiency in three areas, how have these policies enabled private sector innovation, and how can this be improved?

- Active energy management systems (e.g., mandatory requirements for building automation)

- Data-driven consumer engagement platforms (e.g., smart meter data sharing platforms)

- Performance-based revenue models (e.g., public-sector procurement and contracting models

- How have governments leveraged new digital tools to better manage and monitor specific programmes (e.g., digitised tracking and surveillance, geo-targeting, M&V)?


Outcomes from this workshop will be integrated in the IEA’s new online digitalisation resource library, publically accessible via our global exchange for energy efficiency, and launched ahead of our 4th Annual Global Conference on Energy Efficiency in Dublin on 24 June. The online resource will feature a collection of case studies from across the globe, results from deeper research and analysis on select topics, and policy recommendations. IEA analysis on the expected impacts from digital technologies on energy efficiency will also feature significantly in this year’s market report, Energy Efficiency 2019.

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