Long-Term Planning and Innovation in the Energy Transition

COP24, Katowice, Poland: (Pomorze Climate Action Room 2): 8 December 2018

Time: 10:00-13:00

This segment will focus on the advancements inside and outside of the energy sector that are influencing the energy transition. Innovators and entrepreneurs are advancing technology and market solutions that will have a lasting impact on the future global energy system. Speakers from across geographies, markets, and sectors will showcase the latest developments impacting the ongoing transition and discuss the emerging contours of the future energy system. This segment will showcase the dynamism of the energy sector and demonstrate how innovation can influence the energy transition to help meet the goals set forth in the Paris Agreement.

In October 2018, the IPCC released a Special Report entitled “Global Warming of 1.5°C,” which warns of climate change impacts that have already began to impact the environment and individuals around the world, but also stresses that these impacts could be avoided with immediate and decisive action. The report examines pathways to limit warming to 1.5°C, what it would take to achieve them, and their consequences. This segment will focus on IPCC findings and recommendations in relation to the energy sector.

This final segment will focus on how governments can be foresighted and have a long-term plan in place in a way that advances Paris Agreement targets, while at the same time, making sure orderly processes are in place to leave no one behind. Meeting Paris objectives requires action from all, but governments must step up to put in place long-term plans and create an environment where policies and regulations are aligned with these long-terms goals. Policy-makers, investors, and companies will discuss the importance of long-term planning in a world of changing circumstances, and key elements for success.

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