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providing electricity access through off-grid solar PV

Off-grid solutions will be at the heart of delivering universal electricity access. Bundling off-grid renewables with efficient appliances and lighting gives households better quality energy services at a substantially lower cost, making off-grid access more affordable and reliable. For example, a typical household that gains electricity access with off-grid solar PV using standard appliances may require 1 250 kWh per year, however highly efficient appliances can deliver the same service for one-third of the electricity consumption, reducing the size of solar panel needed reduces the average annual cost by one-third. This represents a savings of $150 each year, a substantial saving, given that nearly three-quarters of sub-Saharan African households have an annual income of less than $1500.

Source: Energy Access Outlook 2017

31 October 2017

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providing electricity access through off-grid solar PV
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