Do automated cars dream of electric sharing?

21 November 2018
The IEA is examining the implications of automated, shared, and electric mobility on long-term energy demand and emissions

Efficiency should always be the first answer

20 November 2018
Energy efficiency has been critical in decoupling economic growth from rising energy consumption

The energy sector should care about wastewater

19 November 2018
The WEO’s Sustainable Development Scenario this year includes, for the first time, an analysis of the links between the energy and water

Population without access to electricity falls below 1 billion

30 October 2018
Latest World Energy Outlook data shows progress on providing access to energy, but much more effort is needed

In natural gas markets, winter is coming

30 October 2018
Drawing lessons from last year’s tight market

Hard-earned reforms to fossil fuel subsidies are coming under threat

29 October 2018
The World Energy Outlook has been tracking fossil fuel consumption subsidies for many years and our latest data shows that they are rising again

Economic diversification for oil and gas exporters doesn’t mean leaving energy behind

25 October 2018
The fall in oil prices that began in 2014 provided a reminder of the damage that the downswing in a commodity cycle can bring

Hydrogen, the missing link in the energy transition

17 October 2018
Serious projects and feasibility studies are underway to ship green hydrogen to demand centres

Back to the future

16 October 2018
Our energy future is here – and it’s nothing like we had imagined

IEA steps up its work on energy innovation as money flows into new energy tech companies

5 September 2018
Investments are leading indicators of the direction of change in the energy sector

The energy sector is feeling the heat

29 August 2018
Record summer temperatures have put strain on energy systems across the northern hemisphere

10 tips to stay cool in today’s heat

6 August 2018
While greater access to cooling services is a good thing, it could place a major strain on energy systems

Decline in renewables investment is a warning signal for clean energy transitions

24 July 2018
Government policy is key to boosting renewables finance

The importance of real-world policy packages to drive energy transitions

9 July 2018
For many countries, carbon prices are one policy within a complex policy system to drive energy transitions

Progress with solar heat in India

3 July 2018
Even in the hottest climates, heat production makes up a significant proportion of energy demand

From energy to chemicals

2 July 2018
New IEA analysis in September on “The Future of Petrochemicals” will focus on exploring a pathway to a more sustainable chemical industry

Electricity in every village in India

1 June 2018
India realises one of the greatest achievements in the history of energy, ahead of schedule

Offshore wind and hydrogen for industry in Europe

25 May 2018
Clean electricity could provide a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels in industry, but hurdles remain

Quality vs Quantity – Are global refiners ready for US shale exports?

7 May 2018
Surge in US production is changing perceptions in the global refining business

Where are we on the road to clean energy?

4 May 2018
Tracking the progress of the clean energy transitions that are underway around the world can clarify how far we’ve come and help propel further ambition

International Maritime Organization agrees to first long-term plan to curb emissions

13 April 2018
Historic shipping industry climate deal is in line with Paris Agreement and the IEA’s Beyond 2°C Scenario

Infrastructure investments key to unlocking more US oil supply

28 March 2018
Growth in West Texas oil supplies could put strain on US export capacity unless new investment forthcoming

Energy has a role to play in achieving universal access to clean water and sanitation

22 March 2018
Water is essential to almost all aspects of energy supply while energy is also required for water treatment and transport

Energy is at the heart of the sustainable development agenda to 2030

19 March 2018
IEA introduces new online resource for all its Sustainable Development Goals data and projections

US budget bill may help carbon capture get back on track

12 March 2018
Provision could provide the first significant stimulus to the global fortunes of carbon capture for several years

Gender diversity in energy sector is critical to clean energy transition

8 March 2018
On International Women’s Day, more needed to reduce diversity gap and encourage women participation

More policy attention is needed for renewable heat

25 January 2018
Heat remains the sleeping giant of energy policy despite massive potential for energy savings and emissions reductions

Clean and efficient heat for industry

23 January 2018
There is no single solution for reducing energy demand and emissions from industrial heat use

The clean energy transition requires action on electricity demand

10 January 2018
Over 15% of electricity demand today could be used as a source of flexibility to help integrate variable renewables such as wind and solar PV

Heating Chinese cities while enhancing air quality

21 December 2017
With the phase-out of coal-fired boilers progressing, China’s central heating fuel mix is changing rapidly

Fossil-fuel consumption subsidies are down, but not out

20 December 2017
Subsidies for fossil fuels are falling but remain much higher than those for renewables

Bringing electricity to all corners of Southeast Asia

19 December 2017
Cheaper renewable technologies open new options for cost-effective electricity access

Commentary: Changing utility business models and electricity investment

15 December 2017
Technology, market and policy changes are transforming European utilities and new creating strategic opportunities

Unlocking energy savings from buildings

11 December 2017
The energy intensity of buildings is improving only slowly, representing a major opportunity for further savings

Plotting a path for greater bioenergy use

27 November 2017
A new IEA technology roadmap provides milestones and policy actions needed to increase bioenergy supplies in a sustainable and cost-efficiency way

IEA on track to become a truly global organisation

22 November 2017
The recent ministerial meeting of the International Energy Agency marked a watershed moment in the agency’s history

Who wants to be in charge?

21 November 2017
Innovation and investment in battery technologies are imperatives for a faster energy transition

Renewable energy offers cost-effective options to cut carbon emissions from industry

9 November 2017
Reducing long-term greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the industry sector is one of the toughest challenges of the energy transition

The environmental case for natural gas

23 October 2017
A preview of analysis from the forthcoming World Energy Outlook 2017 on methane emissions and the future role of natural gas

Declining energy research budgets are a cause for concern

16 October 2017
Public investment into energy research falls for a fourth consecutive year, with no rise in private research and development

Looking for balance in the oil market

20 September 2017
There is more than one way to look at oil-market balances

Understanding and using the Energy Balance

4 September 2017
Examining how an energy balance is calculated through the use of international standards on data reporting is key to understanding its value

Examining the role of early-stage venture capital investment in energy

30 August 2017
There has been a noticeable shift in the types of companies attracting VC financing for clean-energy technologies in recent years

Witnessing the ongoing transformation of the oil and gas industry

28 July 2017
There is a tendency to increasingly target smaller projects that can deliver paybacks over a shorter period of time

We can’t let Kemper slow the progress of carbon capture and storage

7 July 2017
The end of Kemper cannot be the end of our efforts to tackle emissions from coal-fired power generation

Placing efficiency at the heart of the global energy agenda

27 June 2017
The IEA will set up a global exchange hub for energy efficiency to share policies, insights and best practices

A New Era of Shared Clean-Energy Leadership Begins in China

4 June 2017
The CEM8 ministerial meeting is held on 6-8 June in Beijing

The success of wind and solar is powered by strong policy support

1 June 2017
The IEA’s consistent message over the years is that good policies matter for the continued success of renewables

The untapped potential of energy efficiency

11 May 2017
A third of the world's energy consumption is covered by mandatory standards and regulations

The future is brightness as a service

22 April 2017
New digital technologies offer tremendous potential to improve the efficiency of energy supply and use in all sectors.

Producing industrial hydrogen from renewable energy

18 April 2017
Producing hydrogen in a way that’s both sustainable and economical could have huge consequences for a number of industries

Energy is at the heart of India’s transformation

10 April 2017
The stakes could not be higher to bolster economic growth and enhance living conditions for this nation of 1.3 billion people, which uses just 6% of the world’s energy

Running fast to stand still

27 March 2017
Laszlo Varro, the IEA’s chief economist, provides a brief synopsis on how the oil industry evolved in very tumultuous times

Waste not, want not

22 March 2017
On World Water Day, we look at the interdependence of water and energy

Energy efficiency goes global

9 December 2016
Brian Motherway, IEA Head of Energy Efficiency

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