Monthly Gas Data Service

A unique source of official statistical natural gas data for OECD countries

The service provides:

  • supply balances
  • production, trade, stock changes and levels where available
    gross inland deliveries, own use and losses
  • highly detailed trade data
  • LNG trade detail from January 2002 

The databases cover the time period January 1984 to current month with a time lag of 2 months for the most recent data. 

This service is available as a subscription on the Internet. The Monthly Gas Data Service is updated once a month and is released on the same day as the Oil Market Report and the Monthly Oil Data Service. A state-of-the-art software allows access and manipulation of the data in a very user-friendly environment.

The service contains three sets of data: natural gas balances, natural gas imports, natural gas exports. 
Natural Gas Balances show supply balances for each OECD country and for the OECD regions in terajoules and (standard) cubic metres, detailing production, total imports, total exports, stock changes and levels where available, gross inland deliveries, own use and losses.

Natural Gas Imports/Entries and Exports/Exists show highly detailed trade data listing about 50 origins and export destinations. LNG imports and exports are available from January 2002 onwards. Data are in TJ and Mcm.A sample service is available for clients interested in purchasing the MGDS. If you would like to have access or require further information, please send an e-mail to:

1 user: 800 €
2-5 users: 1600 €
6-10 users: 2400 €
>10 users (& intranet): 4000 €
Global licence: 5600 €

Note on multi-user licences. Apart from the Global Licences, subscriptions are for a single legal entity.

Portions of the IEA’s Online Data services include technology used under license from Beyond 20/20 Inc. and in which Beyond 20/20 Inc. and/or its licensors retain copyright. Your use of these services is subject to Beyond 20/20’s License Agreement. You must not remove any proprietary notices or labels on the Beyond 20/20 Inc. software.