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CO2 Capture Facilities and Capacities

Capture Facilities
Capture Capacities

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Data includes operating projects or projects at advanced stages of planning that capture at least 800 000 tonnes annually for a coal-based power plant, or at least 400 000 tonnes annually for other emission-intensive industrial facilities, including natural gas-based power generation. Advanced stage of planning has been defined as projects that have reached at least the Define stage in accordance with the Global CCS Institute’s Asset Lifecycle Model (The Global Status of CCS: 2012, GCCSI). Projects that were not selected for funding under the EU NER300 funding scheme in 2012 and which were not considered to have sufficient clarity at the end of 2012 over the support needed to become operational by 2019 have not been included. Projects are included that supply captured CO to both enhanced oil recovery and monitored CO storage.