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For energy professionals, policy makers and others in similar decision-making roles we provide a range of reports and findings to help inform the forming of solid energy policies. Here you can find all publications related to ETP 2014, be it previous editions or related publications which deal with topics that might be of interest to you.

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Energy Technology Perspectives 2014

This publication sits at the heart of the IEA's work on energy technology and policy. It offers a long-term analysis of trends in the energy sector - and of the technologies essential to achieving an affordable, secure and low-carbon energy system.

Tracking Clean Energy Progress 2014

Tracking Clean Energy Progress 2014

Examining the progress in the development and deployment of clean energy technologies, TCEP 2014 tracks each technology and sector against interim 2025 targets in the IEA 2014 ETP 2°C scenario.      

Transition to Sustainable Buildings

This publication presents detailed scenarios and strategies to 2050, and demonstrates how to reach deep energy and emissions reduction through a combination of best available technologies and intelligent public policy.     

Resources to Reserves 2013

Resources to Reserves 2013

This book surveys the cutting-edge technologies needed to find, produce and bring oil and gas reserves to the market, and reviews the challenges on greenhouse gas emissions associated with fossil fuel production. 

Linking Heat and Electricity Systems

Linking heat and electricity systems

This report provides policy recommendations intended to help policymakers better understand the drivers of deployment of co-generation and DHC systems, and overcome policy and market barriers to increase cost-effective penetration of these efficient energy options.  

Tracking Clean Energy Progress 2013

Examining the progress in the development and deployment of key clean energy technologies, TCEP 2013 tracks down each technology and sector against interim 2020 targets in the IEA 2012 ETP 2°C scenario.

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