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Thailand joined IEA Association in 2015.

Since 2007, the IEA and Thailand have co-operated on a number of successful joint projects on diverse energy topics including energy security, emergency preparedness, power generation, biofuels and technology. In October 2013, the IEA and the Ministry of Energy jointly launched the World Energy OutlookSpecial Report on Southeast Asia.

At the 2015 IEA Ministerial meeting, Thailand became one of the first countries to activate Association status with the Agency. 

A comprehensive Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Energy Co-operation signed in 2014 by the IEA and the Thai Ministry of Energy highlights a set of joint achievements by the Ministry and the IEA over previous years and confirmed the mutual interest to continue working together to meet energy security and sustainable development objectives. In addition to energy security and emergency response preparation, the MoU emphasises co-operation on energy statistics and energy policies, among other matters. Thailand and the IEA also work closely on power sector issues, including renewable energy development.

Since 2008, Thailand has also contributed to IEA activities, focusing on energy technologies. Under the auspices of the IEA International Low-Carbon Energy Technology Platform, Thailand and the IEA have organised several joint workshops focusing on biofuels and bioenergy. In addition, entities from Thailand have joined a number of IEA Technology Collaboration Programmes, focusing on renewables (Photovoltaic Power Systems), coal-fired power generation (the Clean Coal Centre) and transport (Advanced Motor Fuels).

Technology Collaboration Programmes

The IEA Technology Collaboration Programmes (TCPs) underpin IEA efforts to support innovation for energy security, economic growth and environmental protection. The TCPs operating today involve about 6 000 experts from government, industry and research organisations in more than 50 countries.

Thailand participates in technology collaboration programme.

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