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Key World Energy Statistics 2017 2017 Free Natural gas, Oil, Statistics, Coal, Electricity, Emissions, Balances, Non-OECD countries, Energy efficiency, Research, development and demonstration
Partner Country Series - Clean Energy Technology Assessment Methodology Pilot Study: Morocco 2016 Free Clean energy technologies, Renewables, Energy efficient
Energy Efficiency Policy Recommendations for Latin America and the Caribbean 2015 Free Energy efficiency, Energy efficiency indicators, Energy policy
Regional Energy Efficiency Policy Recommendations: Arab-Southern and Eastern Mediterranean (SEMED) Region - French version 2014 Translation: Non-member countries, Energy efficiency
Africa Energy Outlook 2014 Free Energy, Africa, Poverty, Investment
Maroc 2014 - Politiques énergétiques hors des pays de l'AIE 2014 Country Review (Book) Energy efficiency, Energy market reform, Non-OECD countries, Renewable energy
Energy Policies Beyond IEA Countries - Morocco 2014 2014 Country Review (Book) Energy policies, Non-OECD countries
Regional Energy Efficiency Policy Recommendations - Arab-Southern and Eastern Mediterranean (SEMED) Region 2014 Free Non-member countries, Energy efficiency