China, People's Republic of (Association country)

Bird's Nest Stadium (Beijing) T‌he IEA has established in-depth bilateral co-operation with China in a wide range of topics including energy security, energy statistics, energy markets (coal, oil, gas, renewables, and energy efficiency), the IEA Technology Collaboration Programmes, energy technology in cleaner coal and CCS, industry, buildings, and transportation.

At the IEA Ministerial meeting in 2015, China became one of the first countries to activate Association status with the Agency, a development that builds on relations that date back to a Memorandum of Policy Understanding in the Field of Energy in 1996. The IEA has since worked with China to assist the country in its transition to a more sustainable energy economy and to provide a greater understanding of China’s energy system. The relationship between China and the IEA has strengthened over the years for a better common future for energy security, technological research and development, higher-quality statistics and environmental sustainability.

Growing direct links with the Agency’s primary counterparts, the National Energy Administration (NEA), the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), have made high-level visits increasingly frequent. IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol visited China in his first official trip after taking office in September 2015. In January 2015, the IEA held the first-ever Emergency Response Exercise in China, and the 3rdIEA Unconventional Gas Forum was convened in Chengdu in April 2015. Most IEA publications include a chapter or a section on China. In February 2017, IEA and China deepened ties by signing an extensive three-year work programme, which follows the decision to establish the IEA-China Energy Cooperation Centre. China is changing and its energy future promises to be quite different from its energy past. The World Energy Outlook 2017 has a special focus on China’s energy sector transformation


Recent Milestones

January 2015: First-ever Emergency Response Exercise in China.

April 2015: 3rd IEA Unconventional Gas Forum in Chengdu.

September 2015: IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol visited China in his first official trip after taking office.

10 September 2015A letter of intent was signed between the IEA and Tsinghua University at a ceremony held in Beijing, China.

18 November 2015: Association status activated.

March 2016: 20th Anniversary Ceremony of IEA-China Engagement.

February 2017: Signing an extensive three-year work programme, following the decision to establish the IEA-China Energy Cooperation Centre in Beijing.

Photo: © Edwin Lee via Flickr under a Creative Commons license