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Title Year Type Topic
World Energy Outlook 2015 - Executive Summary - Spanish version 2015 Translation: Climate change, Energy projections, Natural gas, Oil
Key World Energy Statistics 2015 2015 Free Natural gas, Oil, Statistics, Coal, Electricity, Emissions, Balances, Non-OECD countries
Energy Efficiency Indicators: Essentials for Policy Making - Spanish version 2015 Translation: Energy efficiency, Energy efficiency indicators, Training, Appliances, Buildings, Industry, Indicators, Transport, Emissions, ETP, Clean energy technologies
World Energy Outlook Special Report 2015: Energy and Climate Change - Executive Summary - Spanish version 2015 Translation: Climate change, Energy policy, Scenarios, Energy efficiency, WEO, COP21
Energy Technology Perspectives 2015 - Executive Summary - Spanish version 2015 Free ETP
World Energy Outlook 2014 - Executive Summary - Spanish version 2014 Translation: Energy projections, Energy efficiency, Africa
Energy Supply Security: The Emergency Response of IEA Countries - 2014 Edition 2014 Free Electricity, Energy security, Natural gas, Oil
Energy Policy Highlights 2013 2013 Free Energy policies, Energy efficiency, Renewables, Electricity
World Energy Outlook 2013 - Executive Summary - Spanish version 2013 Translation: Energy projections, Energy efficiency, Competitiveness, Brazil, Oil, Refining
Energy Technology Perspectives 2012 - Executive Summary - Spanish version 2012 Translation: ETP
Oil and Gas Emergency Policy - Spain 2011 update 2011 Free Energy security
Energy Statistics Manual - Spanish version 2005 Translation: Statistics
World Energy Outlook 2010 - Executive Summary - Spanish version 2010 Translation: WEO
World Energy Outlook 2009 - Executive Summary - Spanish version 2009 Translation: WEO
Energy Policies of IEA Countries - Spain 2009 Review 2009 Country Review (Book) Energy policies
Sistema de respuesta de la AIE Emergencia en el abastecimiento de petróleo ante situaciones de 2008 Translation: Energy security
Energy Technology Perspectives 2006 - Executive Summary - Spanish version 2006 Translation: ETP