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The IEA provides support for international collaboration on energy technology research, development, deployment and information dissemination.  These multilateral technology initiatives (formally known as Implementing Agreements or 'IAs') function within a framework created by the IEA - the International Framework for International Energy Technology Collaboration - in support of energy security, economic growth, environmental protection and engagement worldwide.  In these groups, IEA member countries, non-member countries, businesses, industries, international organisations and non-government organisations carry out energy technology-related activities. 

Italy participates in the following Implementing Agreements

Advanced Fuel Cells
Advanced Motor Fuels
Clean Coal Centre
Emissions Reduction in Combustion
Demand-Side Management
Buildings and Communities
Energy Storage
Energy Technology Systems Analysis Programme
Fluidised Bed Conversion
Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
High-Temperature Superconductivity
Hydrogen - Reforming Hydrogen Supply
Smart Grids
Solar Heating and Cooling
Concentrating Solar Power

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